• Learn to Love Cardio: An Effective Jump Rope Workout Routine to Try at Home

    30 Minute Jump Rope Workout Routine
    If you'd rather build your endurance, you could also try a longer routine focused exclusively on jumping rope. This can be an intense method of getting your cardio in, so you should make sure to give yourself ample rest time.

    Jumping rope at an easy pace (4 minutes)
    Rest (1 minute)
    Jumping rope at a medium pace (2 minutes)
    Rest (1 minute)
    Jumping rope at a challenging pace (1 minute)
    Rest (1 minute)
    To make this more difficult, gradually decrease rest times and increase the times spent jumping at a medium or challenging pace. You can also make your rests active by walking in place or staying in a plank position.
  • How to Plan a Quarantine Workout at Home That Burns Major Calories

    Gyms are either closed or open and vulnerable to COVID-19. That doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your health. See how to plan a great quarantine workout.

    How to Plan a Quarantine Workout at Home That Burns Major Calories


  • Home Workout Essentials: 9 Workout Accessories for Your Home Gym

    6. Ab Roller

    One of the best exercises for improving core strength is the ab-wheel rollout. These home workout essentials are small wheels with handles on either side.

    Kneeling on a mat, place the wheel out in front of your with your hands on the handles. Slowly and carefully roll the wheel forward, keep your core engaged. Be sure not to go too far, or you may not be able to come back up.

    Start slow with the ab roller and build up strength. Eventually, you may even be able to use it standing up, which is an incredible feat.

  • 8 Tips on Choosing Workout Equipment for Home Gyms

    barbells require a barbell rack. We recommend a multi-position rack and bench that provides everything you need for lifting weights at home, such as:

    • Bench press (flat, incline, and decline)
    • Shoulder press
    • Squats (back squats and front squats)
    • And more

    You should also find a multi-purpose rack that comes with multiple cable positions to perform other exercises like rows, lat pulldowns, flies, curls, tricep exertions, etc.

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