Home Workout Essentials: 9 Workout Accessories for Your Home Gym

Home Workout Essentials: 9 Workout Accessories for Your Home Gym

Home Workout Essentials: 9 Workout Accessories for Your Home Gym

Even if you're stuck indoors, it's still a good idea to stay in shape! Here is our list of the best home workout esssentials for your home gym!

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The last year has shown us that we can't take anything for granted, even being able to workout. As COVID-19 took off, gyms and other local establishments around the world were forced to shut down. While social distancing can save lives and help protect your family from getting sick, it can also completely disrupt your life. 

However, your fitness goals don't have to suffer. In the same way that people adjusted to their jobs by working from home, you can bring the gym to you. The question is, what home workout essentials do you need to get in a full workout?

Keep reading for our top suggestions for home gyms of all sizes, shapes, and budgets.

1. Multi-Purpose Barbell Rack

If you have a bigger budget and really want to focus on building strength and muscle mass, we recommend getting a multi-purpose barbell rack. This rack should come with various settings to allow things like barbell squats, bench press, shoulder press, and more. However, to take full advantage of the barbell rack, you'll also need an adjustable bench, a barbell, and plates.

Depending on your strength level and fitness goals, you may not need to start out with too much weight, which can save you money on upfront costs. 

2. A Pullup Bar

For those dedicated to mastering their body, functional fitness is paramount. Functional fitness revolves around bodyweight calisthenics such as body squats, lunges, pushups, situps, burpees, pullups, and more. The goal is to be able to control your body and move it efficiently while maximizing your fitness level. 

To do pullups and chinups, you'll need an adjustable workout bar that can fit into your door frame. If you can't perform pullups or chinups on your own yet, we recommend getting resistance bands to assist you until you can pull your full bodyweight.

3. Adjustable Dumbbells

Free weights are incredibly important home workout essentials for building balanced and stable strength throughout your entire body. Using dumbbells for upper body strength, for example, forces each arm to balance and stabilize the weight on its own. This builds up essential supporting muscles as well as working the major muscle groups. 

We suggest incorporating adjustable dumbbells as part of your home workout set to expand your range of exercises.

4. Cardio Machine of Choice

When designing your home gym, you also need to think about your cardiovascular health. Lifting weights and doing other forms of resistance training is great for your health, but don't do much for your heart-health.

Walk exercise machines like treadmills and ellipticals are popular choices for home cardio equipment. These can be set up in your fitness room or anywhere else you desire in the house. Some people find it easier to exercise if they can watch their favorite TV shows.

However, you should also look into other popular cardio machines such as stationary bikes, rowing machines, and stair-climbers.

5. Cable Pulley System

One of the most underrated home workout essentials is a cable pulley system. This amazing piece of equipment can be mounted on your barbell rack and used to perform a multitude of cable exercises. These exercises include, but aren't limited to:

  • Tricep pushdowns
  • Cable ab crunches
  • Cable bicep curls
  • Lat pulldowns 
  • Cable oblique twists
  • Cable rows
  • And more

Using a cable pulley system is a great way to build up back strength to eventually perform pull-ups without assistance. However, it's so versatile that it can be used for nearly every muscle group.

6. Ab Roller

One of the best exercises for improving core strength is the ab-wheel rollout. These home workout essentials are small wheels with handles on either side.

Kneeling on a mat, place the wheel out in front of your with your hands on the handles. Slowly and carefully roll the wheel forward, keep your core engaged. Be sure not to go too far, or you may not be able to come back up.

Start slow with the ab roller and build up strength. Eventually, you may even be able to use it standing up, which is an incredible feat.

7. Yoga or Exercise Mats

Exercise mats and yoga mats are part of any complete home workout system. There are countless bodyweight and equipment-based exercises that are performed on the floor. Even if you have gym flooring down in your workout area, these exercises can be torture on your knees, back, and butt. 

Exercise mats can help prevent unnecessary discomfort when performing things like ab rollouts, situps, bicycles, planks, and more. You can even find body-aligning yoga mats that help you keep proper form while doing yoga.

8. Door Anchor Straps

Some of the best home workout systems are the innovative ones designed to help home gym owners save money. For example, there are straps with handles that anchor to a closed door. These provide a myriad of resistance exercise options, primarily focusing on bodyweight movements. 

You can use these anchor straps to do bodyweight rows, pushups, body curls, and more.

9. Resistance Bands

Finally, perhaps the best way to workout at home, especially if you're on a budget, is by using resistance bands. Resistance bands sets that come with handles are incredibly versatile and can be used to perform endless resistance exercises. 

You can use resistance bands to exercise every single muscle group in the body. Typically, all you need is an anchor point. Sometimes, it can be a part of your body, such as your foot or around your back. 

However, you can also loop the band around a stationary object to provide anchorage for things like rows, chest press, chest flies, tricep extensions, and more. 

Looking for Some Home Workout Essentials?

Are you ready to start your home gym? If so, make sure you make room in your budget for the home workout essentials you need for to get in a full workout. Rember to consult our list for guidance and feel free to shop our home fitness collection

And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!