How to Plan a Quarantine Workout at Home That Burns Major Calories

Even if your local gym is open during this pandemic, you may not feel entirely comfortable exposing yourself to possible infection there. But how can you keep the weight off, your muscles toned, and your mind sane with this unending lockdown?

Actually, there are numerous ways to keep your exercise regime going, even without access to a public gym. Here are eight ways to maintain your quarantine workout for fun and fitness. 

1. Home Machines 

You may have always used your stationary bike as a clothes hanger, but during quarantine, it's time to clear it off! Set up your machine in front of a picture window to watch the leaves change, or in front of the TV to watch the news. You can burn between 200-300 calories riding an exercise bike for just 30 minutes. 

Depending on your budget you might also consider the high-end Peleton or Mirror exercise systems, which combine the latest technology with the latest in fitness to keep you engaged and motivated throughout this challenging time. 

2. Jump Rope

Of course, not everyone has over a thousand dollars to spend on exercise equipment. Never fear! There are plenty of budget-friendly options to get you sweating and keep your heart rate up! 

You can use the good old fashioned jump rope that everyone used to use in high school. This sport is excellent for cardiovascular fitness and coordination. 

You can even purchase versions which will keep track of your exertions to make sure you are killing those calories. Most people burn up to ten calories a minute this way. 

3. TRX

Cardio is necessary to lose weight, but you can also enhance weight loss by building muscle through weight or resistance training. A system like TRX or other weight resistance exercise will boost your metabolism and lower your total body-fat percentage.

Resistance training uses the weight of your own body to elevate your heart rate and burn calories, You can use resistance bands affixed to your door frame or garage ceiling, constructing your own home gym for a fraction of the cost of monthly memberships. 

4. Yoga

We all know that yoga is critical for keeping our minds serene and our muscles flexible. But did you know it can also assist with weight loss?

Vigorous yoga practices like Bikram can really sweat the pounds off. Or crank up the heat in your at-home gym for a calorie-burning Hot Yoga session! 

Yoga requires a minimum of equipment and can really keep your focus on track during this challenging time. It can help you stop stress-eating, encourages meditation, and assists in better sleep habits. All of this contributes to greater overall mental and physical health in addition to toning and weight loss. 

5. Walking

Just because your gym is closed, that doesn't mean you have to be stuck in the house all winter! 

Solitary outdoor exercise like walking and running is considered relatively low risk so long as you wear a mask if you are near others and always maintain at least six feet distance from everyone else. 

Not only is exercising outdoors good for increasing your heart rate, but the fresh air is also good for your lungs and your general well being. Make sure you hydrate and dress appropriately, depending on the climate where you live.

6. Stairs 

Do you live in a northern state where the snow piles up and the temperatures plunge? How can you get in a run or other cardiovascular exercise when it difficult to literally leave the house?

Have you tried running the stairs in your own home? Even a short stoop with a couple of stairs can help you boost your heart rate with some fast footwork. 

7. Weights

Some people, especially women, are wary of weight lifting because they do not want to "bulk up." This is actually a myth.

Adding muscle to your body actually increases your metabolism. Muscles use up more calories than fat tissue, so if you increase your muscle mass you will have an easier time losing weight. 

Adding some reps using medium wights can help you with overall toning and weight loss.  It's easy to keep a pair of weights in your closet to use every few days. If you do not have your own barbells, you can even use jugs of olive oil or bags of pet food for functional weight training! 

8. Dancing 

If music soothes your soul, crank it up and let yourself go. A good solo dance party can lift your spirits and get your heart pumping. Sweat it out to your favorite tunes and you will burn those calories while having a great time. 

If ballet is more your speed, there are some great Barre apps available that can help you find your inner ballerina. 

9. Swimming

If you live in a warm climate, you may be able to go swimming in the ocean or your own pool all year round. Swimming is one of the most effective exercises around,  with great cardio and overall toning potential. 

Swimming is also recommended if you have injuries or joint pain. It is also found to be good for asthma, an important consideration if you are trying to stay clear of the coronavirus' respiratory risk. 

10. Jumping 

Jump into fitness with a small trampoline that can elevate your heart rate, get you sweating, and put some spring in your step! Mini tramps let you build bone mass through a low-impact workout which is easy on your joints while still managing to be challenging and fun. 

If you are stuck inside for quarantine, stay young and healthy by bouncing your cares away.

Quarantine Workout: Stay Healthy and Have Fun at Home 

We all miss our friends and workout buddies during these unprecedented times. But you do not have to give up the activities that bring you joy! It's easy to design a quarantine workout and lose weight without going to the gym so long as you dedicate yourself to the habit.

By buying a few affordable items to give your regimen variety and challenge, you can create a schedule including cardio, weight resistance training, and stretching that will help you stay limber, toned, and calm as we wait for life to get back to normal.

For some great items to help you maintain your exercise habit at home, check us out.



Tommy Mouscardy